Following hard on the heels of The Wombles waste disposal operation having been snapped up by the French private enterprise operation, Vegolia, complaints of Wimbledon ‘starting to look like a right shit-tip’ are growing among angry residents.

It is understood that although they have been retained by Vegolia, the Wombles have been placed on zero hours contracts and are now no longer able to womble freely underground or overground but instead must adhere to a strict new roster.

Great Uncle Bulgaria told reporters: ‘It’s a bad do and no mistake as our new bosses are obsessed with cost-cutting measures. They won’t allow us to womble freely any more and will only let us do the bare minimum that will allow them to keep their licence. And don’t get stated on their recycling strategy!’

‘Most of the time we’re just sitting around the burrow waiting for the phone to ring, say maybe if cowboy builders fly-tip a load of rubble, old kitchen units or a knackered fridge-freezer on the common.’

One high profile Womble who wished not to be identified commented: ‘It’s typical of the Tories. Flog everything off to their spiv City mates to make a killing and it’s the workers and customers left to suffer. This new pay scale we’re all on isn’t enough to make ends meet and I’m having to visit a food bank at least twice a week.’

Meanwhile reports that Wombles’ chef, Madame Cholet, has been spotted driving around in a new top of the range soft-top Mercedes have yet to be confirmed.