After having given him the benefit of the doubt for a fortnight you have come to the conclusion that your boss is definitely a moron and that now you will have to look for a new job..

You were hoping it wouldn’t come to this, especially as he seemed to be ‘not a bad sort’ when he interviewed you along with that pointlessly bland HR woman who constantly referred to herself as a The HR person, however your hopes have now been dashed. You trust his judgment about as much as you’d trust a particularly intellectually challenged amoeba who was your phone a friend on a Millionaire.

Why? Well it’s mostly down to the endless stream of emails he sends out to you and the others in the team. He can’t form a cohesive sentence, his punctuation is dire and as for his spelling… does he never check his spelling before hitting the send button?

The final straw came today when he sent this – so from Monday and in line with our new lets all eat healthy policy the works’ canteen will no longer be serving sausage’s, chicken nugget’s or hash browns, as they have been pacifically identified as nonproductive foodstuff’s in the workplace.

The apostrophe abuse in that alone made you want to cry for mankind. For Jesus sake! This man earns double what you do and he is obviously an idiot. How can you respect him?

Well it’s simple, you just can’t. So you’re tendering your resignation today.

Sausage’s? SAUSAGE’S??? Gaahhhhhhhhhh!!!