Following what is now being described by many as a major diplomatic faux pas, where the most powerful man in the world pulled out of a scheduled event to commemorate fallen First World War American military personnel because it was raining, a spokesman for Donald Trump faced the press this morning to explain the rationale behind the decision.

‘The President takes meticulous care with his hair and obviously wants to look his best, just the bigly BEST world leader when appearing alongside other world leaders. And what people don’t know is that before coming to France he had a new very expensive spray tan treatment which hasn’t yet dried off properly.’

‘So I’m sure you can imagine that when rain was mixed into the equation Mr Trump did not want to look a mess. He knows for sure, as Commander in Chief, that all those guys who selflessly gave their lives in hell-like conditions would’ve stood four-square behind him and his course of action yesterday.’

But the astonishing move has not played at all well having been slammed by politicians and diplomats on all sides with one commenting the President’s decision was ‘a bit girlie’ whilst another said he was ‘a bloody big Jessie’.

Meanwhile amidst all the condemnation the pilloried president has received support from former England Football Manager, Steve McClaren, who told BBC’s Naga Munchetty: ‘The lad’s taking a bit of flack for what he’s done here. But if you ask me then I think that’s just out of order. I can really sympathise with him because I saw the footage and you could tell it was the sort of rain that soaks you right through.’