There was a bit of a stink in the world of Professional Darts last night following what is sure to go down in the sport’s annals as ‘Fartgate’.

The incident developed in what became a tense encounter between Scotland’s Gary Anderson and Holland’s Wesley Harms when both men complained of a ‘smell of rotten farts’ wafting around the stage, with each blaming the other but both insisting they were not the one who had unloaded the noxious arse-salvo that caused the foul reek.

Anderson won the match 10-2 which immediately provoked a charge from Harms saying his poor form in the match was down to Anderson’s “silent but deadly stink bombs.” ‘It will take me two nights for the stench to leave my nostrils because of it, the filthy mucky article,’ lamented the Dutchman.

However Anderson was quick to deny the charge hitting back. ‘He’s saying it was me but that’s a lie. I could smell it too, fucking rank it was! Christ knows what he’d been eating. My eyes were watering and I could barely see the board at one point.’ 

‘I’m sure he was the cause. In fact during the 6th leg I asked him if he’d dropped his guts but he denied it and accused me. Well as he has now gone public I’m happy to refute that charge because the law is on my side as everyone knows the rule here – he who smelt it dealt it.’