It’s been a busy day for DUP Leader Arlene Foster who boarded a hastily booked flight at Belfast International bound for London once more this morning after mysteriously checking-in ten large empty suitcases as hold baggage.

Making no mention of her party’s abstention on Budget votes last night while waiting in the departure lounge for her flight to be called she explained: ‘Och that was nothing. Just a wee misunderstanding, so it was. I’m just popping over to London for another chat with the PM, so I am, and thought I’d maybe get a bit of Christmas shopping done while I’m over on the mainland. You see there are really so many lovely things in Harrods that you just can’t get here in Northern Ireland.’

Meanwhile a fleet of Securicor vans had been spotted going in and out of Downing Street all day although the reason for this fevered activity is not known.

Speaking to Robert Peston late this afternoon back at Heathrow with her trolley stacked high, heralding what was surely to be a substantial excess baggage charge, a noticeably very upbeat Mrs Foster told reporters: ‘The DUP is now very happy with the draft Brexit agreement, so we are, and once I get these suitcases back to Stormont I look forward to announcing the biggest set of new major infrastructure projects the Province has ever seen.’