It has been announced today that strangely odd politician, Jacob Rees-Mogg, has accepted a part-time job during Parliament’s Christmas recess, when he takes to treading the boards playing the Child Catcher in his constituency local Am-dram group’s seasonal staging of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

He told reporters: ‘One is of course very honoured to have been asked to give this role and I will naturally execute my duties in respect of the same in a completely transparent manner, and also in keeping with the spirit expressed by Mr Roald Dahl and colleagues when they wrote their most excellent screenplay.’

The North East Somerset MP went on to downplay what, some say, are rather cutting and insensitive suggestions, that he will need very little in the way of theatrical costume or stage makeup to carry off the part successfully.

‘Well that might be the view taken by some but let me tell you that I have had to be fitted for a new top-hat, although it is true to say that in order to save the production some money I will furnish the remainder of the outfit from a selection of my everyday wear.’