NASA has been slammed this morning by the regulars of South London pub, The Kings Head in Croydon, as being ‘a bunch of shambolic incompetents’ over the timing of their New Horizon probe’s fly-past of distant object Ultima Thule.

‘Talk about missing the boat,’ says Martin Corwen, one mouthy dolt and absolute bell-end. ‘Them photos what looks like a snowman what they just released last night, yeah? Well they would’ve been perfect for the Christmas market, yeah?’

‘Think of all them opportunities to teach kiddies about space missed! And by the time next year comes around the pictures will have no impact at all. What an own goal NASA’s gone and scored there!’

And Corwen’s friend and drinking-buddy Bill ‘the squirrel’ Sanderson agrees. ‘Why didn’t they just launch the bloody thing two weeks earlier, for fu*k sake?’

‘I mean how hard can it be to time a journey over thirteen years and four billion miles to make sure they hit a two-week window of opportunity? Specially now we’ve got the Internet and Twitter and that? It’s not bloody rocket science, is it? Pathetic!’