A previously unheard recording being attributed in some circles to Status Quo has the pop world in a spin today. The reel-to-reel tape, marked ‘The Quo’ was found recently when sound engineer, Sam Ryan, was clearing out some old boxes at a London recording studio.

Not anything special in itself you’d be forgiven for thinking, but when the tape was played music scholars were dumbfounded to hear that although it does sound exactly like the band in full flow, the track deviates from the usual 12 bar riff and suddenly incorporates a bridge section with a minor seventh flattened fifth chord.

Professor Alan Graham from the London School of Music said: ‘This is nothing short of extraordinary. Because previously it was believed that every Status Quo song was comprised of the same three chords just arranged in different sequences and tempi. But if this recording can actually be proven to be by Quo then it might be worth many thousands of pounds.’

However the jury is currently out because when the band’s last surviving founding member, Francis Rossi, was played the song and asked to comment on it on BBC Breakfast, he was unable to recall anything about it.

‘To tell the truth I don’t think that it’s actually us. My bet is that more than likely it’s just some group of poncey jazz musicians messing about in a studio somewhere. I wouldn’t know what a minor seventh flattened fifth was if it bit me on the arse actually, cos me and Rick only ever knew three chords. A,D and E. ‘