Minister of Transport Chris Grayling has today announced that new legislation is to be brought before Parliament that will see those who drive their husband’s big car being stringently prosecuted for blocking the left lane at junctions on side roads when turning right.

The move comes after a study report concluded the practice is making it impossible for those driving behind to turn left in a timely manner when they are otherwise clear to go, and is thus the main cause of traffic chaos and gridlock within a two-mile radius of nearly every school in the country.

Speaking to the media at lunchtime the beleaguered Secretary of State, looking particularly shifty and sounding even more under pressure than normal said: ‘This scourge has got to end, because after the current national crisis of the odd person or two crossing the channel illegally, then junction-blocking is next on our hit-list. The public want something done about it and we are going to act.’

Meanwhile thirty-six year-old Mum of two, Kelly Morris, commented: ‘My husband, Max, who’s the senior partner in an advertising agency in London says I need to be careful when this new law comes in, because I use his SUV to take Finnemore and Lottie to and from school.’

‘OK, so maybe I’m not really big enough to see over the bonnet and can’t position the car properly when turning right into traffic, but what I say is this – it’s hardly fair to pick on people just because they’re unable to drive a big car properly, now is it?

‘And anyway the cars behind me get out onto the main road eventually, so what are they moaning about?’