A man from Redditch has been ostracised by his mates after daring to say he doesn’t really think that the BBC’s smash hit drama, Luther, ‘is much good really’.

The man made the comment last night at the pub, when along with his former mates they were discussing the recent much-heralded four-part series.

Big Nev explains: ‘We were just saying how brilliant it was, what with all the gruesome scenes and gratuitous violence and stuff, when Dave pipes up and says he didn’t rate it at all. Well I nearly choked on my pint.’

However Dave remains unrepentant. ‘I’m sorry, I just find it a hard watch and think it’s massively over-hyped. I don’t really care for the scripts and find the whole bloody thing just so depressing. If that means the lads don’t want me in their group any more… then so be it.’

Meanwhile a clearly stunned Tommo, describing himself as once having been Dave’s best mate, added: ‘Everyone loves Luther, I mean come on, they do don’t they? And anyway isn’t it against the law to say anything bad about the show… it is, isn’t it?’