People with nothing better to do or worry about have clogged up in-boxes and jammed switchboards at The BBC following the recent change in idents to the broadcaster’s BBC 2 television channel.

Gone are the ‘BBC 2 ducks and ducklings’ and the blue paint-strewn number 2, now replaced with a series of new squiggly, twisting and turning multicoloured images.

One viewer writing on the corporation’s POV message board commented – These new idents are terrible and make me and my husband Malcolm feel quite queasy every time they come on at the start of a programme. They’re terrible. Bring back the old ones.’

Another viewer, Brian James from Lewes said: ‘These look like they have been made by hippies and drug addicts. I don’t want to see this kind of thing on my telly. If I did I’d go to a brothel or one of those discotheques. Why did they have to change the spinning globe anyway? You knew where you were with that.’ 

Meanwhile the Daily Mail has set up a ‘petition of complaint’ demanding the BBC’s charter is withdrawn and the licence given to Sky as a result of the changes. Said their Media Editor: ‘These new BBC 2 idents are the biggest outrage since BBC’s weather maps were changed to that horrible muddy blue and brown colour scheme. What next? We’ll be seeing a one-parent lesbian Muslim playgroup on the BBC 1 idents I shouldn’t wonder.’