In a surprise move it has been announced that ITV’s new big-budget drama series currently in production and due to hit our screens in the Spring, controversially for many will not star Olivia Colman, James Nesbitt, Robson Green or Sheridan Smith.

Indeed the broadcaster has gone so far as to confirm that none of their ‘big four bankers’ even has a part in the show which is believed to be a gritty dark psychological crime drama, featuring a maverick detective with addiction issues who’s torn up the rule book.

A production insider said: ‘It’s kinda weird because a lot of the crew have worked on Broadchurch and Grantchester and some of our other recent big hits. It really is quite eerie on-set without any of our favorites and is taking quite a bit of getting used to.’

But if prime time drama fan and ITV devotee Ryan Phillips is anything to go by, then when aired the new show might just struggle to win audience approval. ‘What is ITV thinking about? A new show without even one of these stars is crazy but to have none of them at all is simply madness, says Ryan, adding ‘but I’ll tell you something, it won’t be on in my house. I won’t even record it as I’m certain it’s going to be rubbish. How dare ITV mess with its loyal viewers in this way!’