It’s understood that BBC, ITV and Sky have all suspended their programme schedules this evening to concentrate on running live updates on the catastrophic chaos the snow which has fallen today on London and The Home Counties is causing.

Believed to be lying in drifts of more than an eighth of a inch deep in the worst affected areas, the almost complete ‘whiteout’ has seen the entire region’s infrastructure grind to a crippling halt with buses, cars and trains all abandoned as the terrified public were left to fend for themselves and battle their way home as best they could.

Max Rowbottom, a senior partner at an Islington architect’s practice told Kay Burley: ‘My God it was harrowing out there. It took me five hours to get home. At one point I feared I wasn’t going to make it as there was a great big puddle of slush on one pavement. But luckily a group of us managed to somehow summon up a bit of the Wartime spirit and in the end we all made it through.’

In what’s also being seen as a welcome respite from her Brexit woes it has been announced that The Prime Minister is to chair an emergency meeting of COBRA to see what can be done to minimise the crisis. One Downing Street spokesman confirming: ‘Well she will do just so long as everyone is able to make it here through these shocking conditions.’