Entrepreneurs and ardent Brexiteers, James Dyson and Tim Martin, have announced a tour of small theatres where the two men will perform their recently penned sketch show ‘Irony’.

Comprising a series of comedy skits to illustrate the importance of carrying out ‘the will of the people’, it is intended as a shot across the bows of Mrs May and her dithering ministers who after two and a half years have not moved the Brexit process on and now find themselves in a hopeless and utter state of shambles.

In one sketch Dyson plays a billionaire businessman who decides to move his company headquarters from Britain to Singapore and tries to pass it off as a positive benefit to both the media and the exchequer.

Not to be outdone Martin performs solo piece where, and in the need for considerable amounts of the suspension of disbelief, he plays character who’s loved by the entire nation because of an altruistic and philanthropic vision for the redistribution of wealth to everyone in the country equally.

Both pieces performed without even the slightest trace of irony. Which of course is the whole point of the show presumably.

Sitting in one of Martin’s JD Wetherspoon hostelries and sipping pints of almost-out-of-date Bishop O’Mahony’s Wrinkled Old Todger while sharing a five quid curry Dyson comments: ‘It’s vital that Mrs May pushes Brexit through as it is now critical for businesses both operating and registered in the U… err… erm… wouldn’t you agree, Tim?’

‘For sure, James,’ drawls Martin in some kind of creepy mid-Atlantic 70s DJ accent. ‘You know that’s why I had half a million beermats printed up with The Wetherspoon Manifesto. Of course that was to push an in no way selfish agenda enabling me to become even wealthier than I am currently.’