Pretty regression therapist, Charlotte Manning (25), is at the centre of a bitter row after pop star, Harry Styles, was said to have ‘taken it badly’ when following a consultation last week she told him he used to be Tobias Chivers, a simple blacksmith living near Skipton in the 1750s.

Friends of the 1D star report he ‘went off on one’ because during previous regression sessions, he had been assured that in his past life he was romantic poet, Lord Byron.

Charlotte has since been sacked by Times Past in London’s Harley Street, for repeatedly failing to regress any of their celebrity clients back to famous historical figures.

Director, Alan Penrose, said: ‘Harry was the final straw and something had to be done. Charlotte never once regressed anyone back to having been a famous historical figure like Cleopatra, Henry VIII or Julius Caesar, in the six months she was with us. Clients were demanding their money back.’

But the miffed mystic intends to take her case to tribunal. Speaking to BBC’s One Show she said: ‘I’ll taking this all the way to The Supreme Court if necessary and I stand by what I told Mr Styles one hundred percent.’ Before adding: ‘I can’t help it if regression’s not what he thinks it used to be.’