A row has broken out between Britain’s main news and current affairs broadcasters (BBC, ITV, Channel 4 & Sky) and the nation’s ‘fuller figured’ community over how they are portrayed in features and stories.

Barry Neville, Chairman of The Association of Bigger Folk said: ‘Every time there is an obesity-related item in news bulletins it is illustrated by showing footage of larger people from the neck down, or if they do use full body shots then these have their heads pixelated.’

‘Why can’t we be seen ‘heads and all ‘like it always use to be. This new portrayal is just not fair and we’ve appealed to Ofcom to have it stopped immediately. Bigger folk want their fifteen minutes in the spotlight just like everyone else does.’

‘We’re fed up with being shown as just huge bulging bellies sticking out of t-shirts or fag-chuffing massive arses barely concealed inside cheap Primark leggings.’

And thirty-two stone, gourmand Alan Banks agrees. ‘I was in the high street one day when I saw a unit filming a piece to camera so I kept on deliberately getting directly into the shot. I was well and truly narked when later on that night there I was on the news all right but with no head. Just my enormous unsightly belly hanging out over my belt!’

A spokesman for the broadcasters said: ‘The problem is that in today’s litigious society we run the risk of falling foul of fat-shaming and broadcasters could well find themselves in court were someone to object to having their image used in that context.’

Meanwhile schoolchildren are keenly awaiting the outcome of Ofcom’s decision as it’s believed that they too are fed up continually being shown as a creepy race of sinister blurry-headed weird aliens.’