In what’s being seen as quite simply the most extraordinary development ever in British politics, it’s understood there is to be a General Election called in a matter of weeks when the entire Tory Frontbench, including Theresa May, resign their constituency seats.

It appears the move has been forced because they have all been signed up by Netflix to star in its latest sitcom ‘You’ve Gotta be Kidding, Prime Minister’ wherein they will simply carry on playing themselves against a backdrop of an alternative Brexit shambles.

With the action set in and around the fictitious Palace of Eastminster the ensemble company is still cast as ‘The Government’ but this time it will only be for TV cameras, with their actions having no bearing on the running of the country. That will become the poison chalice taken up by the newly constituted House of Commons after the election, whichever political hue that turns out to be.

Netflix Commissioning Editor, Jake Tavistock, confirmed the news telling journalists: ‘This is an obvious move for us when you think about it. We’ve had a real life sitcom happening right in front of our eyes for over thirty months now. It’s already fully-formed and everyone is familiar with the endless slapstick and bungling characters so there’s no buy-in period required.’

‘Therefore we expect the show to command massive viewing audiences from the get-go, just as soon as it airs in the Summer. We haven’t even needed to commission a scrip writing team as the source material is all already there in the public domain courtesy of Hansard and other media sources.’

In addition to the current cabinet it’s understood Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Nigel Farage and Kate Hoey have all been signed up for the project. Once again they too will reprise their real life roles with Johnson, Rees-Mogg and Farage tipped by media insiders as likely to emerge as the stars of the show.

Entertainment Correspondent Alan Hanley commented: ‘This has certainly whetted everyone’s appetite, because if they all continue bungling the way they are currently, then we will surely be treated to British Farce at its very best rivaling the work of PG Wodehouse and Brian Rix.

‘What’s more, we shan’t have to ever see the usual ‘Don’t tell him, Pike!’ Basil Fawlty’s goose stepping or Del Boy falling though the bar-flap scenes in future versions of Channel 5’s 100 Greatest Comedy Moments Christmas clip shows.