A major diplomatic incident has blown up in Brussels with Theresa May said to be incandescent with rage over what she’s called a major insult to Britain by EU President Jean Claude Junker.

The row erupted during a photo call as Mrs May met with Mr Junker before further talks in a last ditch attempt to get some meaningful movement on the current Brexit negotiations impasse.

A source close to the PM told reporters: ‘We had been tipped the wink that Mr Junker was intending to make a gesture of goodwill so naturally we thought the EU was going to give some ground, but not a bit of it!’

‘Instead we were horrified to see him openly mocking one of Britain’s greatest 80s pop legends, with what was quite the most insulting Adam Ant tribute ever.’

‘The nose strip wasn’t in the right place or indeed not even the proper colour and seemingly he couldn’t even be bothered to wear a Dandy Highwayman costume!’

‘In the wake of the incident the PM has let it be know that she is going to play hardball telling BBC News: ‘This is an insult to Britain and we will not make light of it. I’m afraid it is now dog eat dog and high time for The EU to stand and deliver!’