In what many are seeing as a puzzling choice by team officials, the former Tory Secretary of State for Wales and current sitting MP for Wokingham in Berkshire, John Redwood, was booked to lead the singing of the Welsh national anthem at today’s Six Nations game against England in Cardiff.

The move comes after a particularly tuneless rendition of Land of My Fathers was picked up by microphones at the start of the team’s recent match against France as the Welsh team attempted to join in.

Legendary singer and professional Welshman, Sir Tom Jones commented: ‘I was at the game and it was shocking. They were picked up by an open mic and could be heard over the stadium PA and I was embarrassed to tell you the truth.’

‘They were so shockingly bad that I would honestly have to question their Welsh credentials. I’ll tell you this. They made some contestants I’ve had to endure on The Voice sound like Pavarotti.’

Meanwhile Welsh Head Coach Warren Gatland told BBC Sport: ‘Look, mate, I know he was shit and he forgot the words and sort of started to nod his head out of time with the music. But I mean, fair dinkum to the fella he gave it a crack didn’t he, and it was a hell of an improvement on the the lads effort in Paris, wasn’t it?”