Gavin Morris from Chelmsford who voted leave in the EU referendum and who has recently been cracking on that he’s England’s number one superfan, has been forced to admit that he knows fuck all about rugby after a discussion on the sport took place between him and mates down the pub during today’s 6 Nations match against Wales.

His shameful unmasking came after he had talked blithely about hoping England’s centre forward might score from the penalty spot at which point Big Nev was onto him like a ton of bricks demanding he ‘fessed up his ignorance immediately.

At first Morris tried to style it out insisting that he had always supported England in rugby ever since they’d done the double of winning the First Division and FA Cup in 1981, but when then faced with howls of derisive laughter he was finally forced to come clean and admit he knows absolutely nothing about the game at all.

When the full confession was finally extracted, like blood from a stone, a disconsolate Morris told his mates that he hadn’t a clue about what was offside or what constituted a penalty in the game, adding that he had only said he supported England because he was English and that all the other sides in the tournament were bloody foreigners.