Donald Trump has confirmed during a press conference in The White House that he sees Britain and America’s ‘special relationship’ as growing ever stronger in the age of ‘wall politics’, adding that he thinks The Prime Minister is ‘one switched-on all-butter chocolate chip cookie and quite the sassy broad too.’

As they looked on in disbelief he told a stunned media pack: ‘Mrs Thatcher is just doing such a swell job dealing with Bagshot. Just the swellest, and the way she is handling getting sign-off on this Maastricht Treaty thing is a true inspiration within the political village. She is one helluva international statesman just getting through her agenda in a no-nonsense and bigly efficient style. You know it!’

In what many commentators are saying was a rambling and worryingly terrifying address Trump then went on to decry Lord Alan Sugar’s version of reality game show, The Apprentice, saying that the Amstrad Supremo’s chairmanship of the programme was ‘a bunch of crap and he oughta have is ass fired right outta that goddamn boardroom.’

However not everyone seemed to feel the same about the President’s comments because when discussing them on Fox News, Political Editor Chuck Lorenzo said on his daily Capitol Hill Report: ‘It was real neat to see Mr Trump back in fine form once again, talking a lot of sense and in full command of his brief.’