Conservative curiosity and PG Wodehouse construct, Jacob Rees-Mogg, has signed a deal to promote his own brand of Edwardian clothing, household gadgetry and toys. The new JR-M lines will be in John Lewis stores from May in ample time for ‘the season’.

Speaking on The One Show he said: “It is simply splendid that my goods and wares are to be made available through such a fine retailing establishment as John Lewis. Their emporiums are respected and trusted throughout the Empire, and indeed I for one, wholeheartedly believe they are a reputable retailer whose name is synonymous with excellent quality and service. Hip-hip hooray!”

Toppers, knickerbockers and copiously-brimmed hats with plumes of ostrich feathers are expected to be all the rage at this Summer’s society events, although one sour note has been sounded as The All England Club has banned the wearing of ornate headgear during Wimbledon for fear of causing arguments over restricting views of the on-court action.

But it’s not just all about mums and dads, because kids will soon be binning their smartphones and tablets as Rees-Moog’s junior penny-farthing velocipede and hoop and stick lines are both tipped to become must-haves for the Summer holidays.