Calls are growing for something to be done about the proliferation of ‘Rap inserts’ in otherwise perfectly acceptable songs and pieces of music.

One music lover commented: ‘The situation is really becoming very irksome indeed. So much so that I’m thinking of stopping listening to music for the remainder of my life. I’ve thought this through and unless something is done at the highest level, maybe even if it requires legislation, I am having my ears removed.

A spokesman for the British Phonographic Industry said: ‘It’s certainly something which is becoming more prevalent, but at the end of the day it’s pretty much down to each individual artist to arrange their material and invite anyone they’d like to appear on their recordings.’

Meanwhile the music lover continued: ‘I have to concede that having my ears removed is quite a drastic step. However although I can abstain from listening to the radio or a podcast in my own home, it does not rule out the possibility that I might be in a coffee shop or pub when a song comes on by an artist I like, maybe Ed Sheeran for example.’

‘Well what’s to stop bloody Stormzy or Kanye West suddenly cropping up on the bridge section like a bad smell making some diabolical fucking racket? Just because they’ve been asked to guest on the track as current trends see Rap as major part of  the zeitgeist doesn’t mean to say I have to endure it.’