Ninety seven year-old Norman Wilkes, a xenophobic moron and tragic Little Englander from Carshalton, has chained himself to the railings outside The Palace of Westminster and is refusing to leave until Mrs May’s zombie Brexit deal is passed by the House of Commons.

Speaking to reporters he said: “Look the will of the people is being ignored here. I voted for Brexit and that’s what I want. Brexit means Brexit.”

“With a bit of luck I’ll still have one or two short years to enjoy living in a country were all foreigners are banned, or better still jailed, and we finally have our cherished blue passports back. I can then die a happy man.”

However when asked by one reporter if he felt bad, that now having had his time, he was denying the opportunity of an entire new generation to live as Europeans, the former public lavatory attendant replied angrily.

“Fack ’em, the little bastards. Where was they when I was on the ground staff at RAF Scampton fighting to keep the bloody Hun at bay? They was nowhere to be seen, that’s were. Poncing around doing fack all I should imagine.”

“Look mate, this country of ours ain’t named Great Britain for nothing. It’s called Great cos we are GREAT and we always have been. What’s more you can…”

“What… it’s called Great because it’s the largest of the British Isles? No it ain’t. Fack off you traitorous bastard!”