A man was kept waiting in Starbucks Redditch for over twelve hours after entering the shop with the intention of buying a coffee and sandwich for his breakfast.

Brian Wilson told us: ‘I went in and joined the queue and when it was my turn I said, “Can I get a Caffè Latte and a Sausage Sandwich?” The Barista said that I could but that’s when things came to something of a halt, because instead of ringing my order through the till she moved on to the next person in line. I was then left standing there for hours and hours while a succession of customers were served.’

Part-time Barista and undergraduate student reading English at Oxford, Philipa Jones commented: ‘It’s true, Brian did as he says and I told him he could get those items. But at no time did he go on to order them.’

‘So I’m meant to be psychic am I? I haven’t a clue if that’s what he wanted. This place is always rammed with customers placing orders so I needed to get on and serve them or I’d have my manager on my back.’

Ironically hapless Brian never got his coffee and sandwich because by the time he actually said: ‘Can I have a Caffè Latte and a Sausage Sandwich, please… they’d sold out so he went for a kebab instead.’