Emboldened by the fact that Tory MPs have for some inexplicable reason not yet knifed her in the front, Theresa May is insisting that she will get her Brexit deal through The Commons this week.

Furthermore reports are emerging that the deluded PM no longer intends stepping down, as she previously promised she would, but rather she’s planning to seize the Iron Throne and claim sovereignty over the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.

Channel 4 News anchorman Jon Snow said: ‘Aye, an ‘appen it could ‘appen too. Particularly if she can get her hands on a few spare dragons and the like. And considering her main competition… then ooh knows, lad… just may’appen I could see it ‘appenin’.’

‘Cos one foe’s just a slip of a lass, another’s a deviant barmpot more than likely to get her collar felt for obsession with unnatural sexual practices… Bah goom! A reet mucky article and no mistake. Then of course there’s Boris Johnson.’

Meanwhile the curiously sepulchral and fey, Jacob Rees-Mogg, is being hotly tipped as May’s standard-bearer and chief enforcer in any upcoming struggle.

Some commentators are already claiming to have seen footage of him addressing a fringe meeting, where he speaks openly of the reintroduction of The Judas Cradle, Iron Maiden and The Rack to deal with any potential opponents or would-be usurpers.