One sitcom star has caused quite a stir breaking ranks with contemporaries by writing, shooting and starring in a new series of the show that brought them fame.

The move has taken fans by surprise as in recent years sitcom performers have been expected only to make travelogues, quite often with a parent in tow, where they schlep around the countryside, or indeed in some cases the globe, voicing-over lush shots of stunning scenery, sampling exotic culture and food or simply having one massive freebie that they are then able to pass off as a TV show.

One such performer who wished to remain anonymous said: ‘It’s quite simple. When I used to star in my sitcom I had the pressure of writing it, learning the lines and then the sheer hard graft of getting it in the can.’

‘Well now that I’ve made a name for myself what I say is sod that for a game of soldiers! Too much like hard work if you ask me. So I’m off to Australia with my Mum next month for what’s essentially a six-week all-expenses-paid 5-star holiday. What’s not to like about that?’

Meanwhile the sitcom star whose new show is due to air next month remains philosophical. ‘I know I could probably make a quick buck on the celeb documentary circuit, say maybe walking the length of Offa’s Dyke, but churning out another series of this tired old guff that should’ve been pensioned off ten seasons ago isn’t all that bad really. I mean it’s not like it’s proper work.’