As a prelude to Theresa May’s imminent resignation, or her more likely ousting by loyal cabinet colleagues, ERG Chairman Jacob Rees-Mogg has undergone a major image reboot in an attempt to make himself more relevant and appealing to the wider electorate and Tory MPs alike.

To those ends the member for North East Somerset, who has been bedeviled by jibes and taunts that he is more like a eighteenth century throwback rather than a cutting-edge twenty-first century political force, has enlisted the services of “Take 2”, a trendy Hoxton brand imaging agency.

Max Schumer, Take 2’s Director of Image told reporters. ‘I can confirm that Mr Rees-Mogg did indeed approach us several weeks ago and we have been working closely with him since.’

‘So gone now are his signature top-hats, his morning coat, national health round specs and the dowdy ‘just cut by my mum’ hairstyle. Instead when he next appears in public the public can expect to see a reborn contact lens-wearing dude in baseball cap, sports blazer, Next chinos and with a grade one buzz cut all over.’

‘However the biggest change of all is that we’ve ditched that terribly stuffy old upper class name and replaced it with the much more streetwise and edgy Jakey Mogg.’