Once again President Trump has been recorded without being aware of it and this time has unwittingly entered Britain’s cross-party Brexit negotiations debate.

He had just cheated another $10,000 out of ‘some golfing buddies’ by mysteriously finding his lost ball, even though they had all seen it disappear into the middle of a deep a lake, and as they sat in the clubhouse having a beer and a burger after the game, Mr Trump was unaware that a tabloid journalist had taken a seat nearby and had set his phone to record the conversation .

After Trump boasted about how he was a phenomenal golfer, ‘just the phenomenalist… ever’, he went on to tell his pals that he was also the world’s greatest negotiator. ‘Say, look at those schmucks in the UK with Brexit. If I was that guy with the beard I’d just walk up to that broad, Mrs May, grab her by the pussy and start kissing her. She’d soon become pretty compliant with his demands.’

‘Hell, he’s famous enough to do that and dames love famous people. As long as he’s had a few tic tacs first it’ll all be just swell. Women let you do anything to them when you’re famous. FACT!’

It’s feared the incident has the potential to cause a massive diplomatic storm, but in an attempt to preserve the so-called Special Relationship between USA and The UK a White House spokesman was playing it down saying ‘It was just some guys shooting the breeze in the clubhouse. The kinda thing that happens when guys get together everywhere.’

Nevertheless it’s understood that Mrs May will be missing from the cross-party negotiating table this week as she is undergoing a crash course of deep trauma recovery therapy after being apprised of Mr Trump’s remarks.