ITV has been accused by a prominent historical biographer of continuing to misrepresent Queen Victoria in its hit drama series, Victoria, suggesting that the portrayal of the legendary monarch is much too glamorous and gives a false impression of what the Queen really looked like.

in an outspoken attack Royal biographer Hilary Manning said: ‘Even being generous Victoria’s appearance might be described in modern terms as “a bit of a munter“ so having her portrayed by Jenna Coleman, a svelte, glamorous and highly attractive woman is simply ludicrous.’

‘Paintings and photographs clearly show that, rather sadly, she had been dealt more than a few blows with the ugly stick and certainly she would never have won any beauty contests.’

‘Even in having Prince Albert as her Queen’s Consort, certainly himself no George Clooney, Victoria was still punching well above her not insignificant weight.’

However ITV quickly hit back with its choice in retaining Coleman in the role. ‘Look, we’re talking about one of Britain’s most iconic historical figures here, and although sadly she is no longer with us, nevertheless as in all matters royal, just as today, we must pretend Victoria was perfect in every way,’ said a spokesman.