In a sensational development it has been announced that the world’s longest running radio soap, The Archers, is to come to an end and will be axed from schedules in December this year after its extraordinary sixty-nine years of being broadcast.

Details are sketchy at the moment but in a groundbreaking soap storyline the Ambridge is to be completely obliterated during an alien invasion in which there will be no survivors whatsoever.

One show insider wishing to remain anonymous said: ‘Yes of course this is sad but everything comes to an end eventually, and that time for The Archers is now. We’ve had a great run but focus group research says that we’re losing our relevance in the twenty-teens, so what better finale could we have than to go out in what will be a world first and in a blaze of glory too?’

Fans have already taken to Twitter to register their total dismay and despair with #SaveTheArchers  and #PrayForAmbridge trending since the news broke, but sadly it looks as if their prayers will be in vain as Auntie is adamant.

Actor Bill Pilkington who plays Old Tom Scroates was being stoic about the news: ‘Well I bes a-tellin’ ‘ee this, that it’s an ill wind as blows the moss over the fox’s brush and what will be will be me old dear me old ducker. Mind, oi ain’t arf gonna miss the money.’