A new study has claimed that quite often modern art is not very good, and that many of its leading lights are bare-faced chancers with well-connected agents no better than con artists.

And nowhere is the finger of ridicule being pointed more clearly than at enfant terrible of the genre, Gary Macey, the multimillionaire painter / sculptor whose work changes hands for millions of pounds even for the smallest pieces imaginable.

Writing in Masterpiece Magazine, art historian and critic, Neville Pembroke-Payne, who himself has had work exhibited in the National Gallery laid into Macey. ‘It’s high time this emperor’s new clothes myth was finally debunked for what it is – out-and-out charlatanism.’

‘Macey’s paintings would be quite worthless if produced by the average six year-old primary school child and I have seen dogs defecate more meaningful work on the pavement than any of his sculptures. The only reason his work commands such high prices is purely because of royal connections and patronage.’

‘He was a school friend of The Duchess of Cambridge and it’s no secret William and Kate, both big supporters, have several of his larger pieces in Kensington Palace.’

However undeterred by Pembroke-Payne’s criticism Macey carries on regardless. He told reporters: ‘I’m really far too busy working on my latest installation for the Tate. A deeply personal and allegorical depiction of Brexit through the medium of stale bread, seaweed and antique bicycle pumps.