One member of a string quartet is threating to sue RCA Records claiming that she was treated abominably when hired to play on a pop session.

Violinist Jemimah Parry said: ‘I have spent years honing my craft. I’ve played the world over in some of the most famous concert halls and under many legendary conductors. My bowing is renowned for its timbre and the ability to wring pure undiluted emotion from my Stradivarius.’

‘So naturally I was chuffed when I got a call from my agent saying that I’d been hired as part of the string quartet to do the session. I thought it would give me a bit of street cred with my teenage daughter.’

But a tearful Jemimah then went on to explain all she was asked to do was pluck her open A string throughout the whole track. ‘What an insult! A four year-old beginner could have managed it just as easily,’ she sobbed.

However a spokesman for RCA said: ‘I don’t know what she’s complaining about. It was a session for Little Mix! Was she actually expecting to have to play actual music?’