President Trump has claimed that he is responsible for Tiger Woods winning his first golfing Major since 2008, and as a result wants Woods to gift him the green jacket presented at the tournament’s conclusion.

Speaking to CBS Sports he said: ‘Tiger’s back but only thanks to my golfing brilliance. It’s no secret that I’m his hero and that he modeled himself on me in his private life, you know, playing the field and getting to make out with all those really hot babes. Wow!’

‘But his form on the course suffered because of it. So last week I invited him to one of my golf resorts, which by the way, have some of the world’s very best courses. Yes they have. You know it! Just the best. So great.’

‘And speaking as the most successful golfer who’s ever played the game – did I mention I’ve won 20 Majors which is two more than Jack (Nicklaus) has? – I gave Tiger a few tips on where he was going wrong, the results of which were clearly there for the world to see at Augusta on Sunday. That jacket is mine by rights.’

However when the newly crowned champion was asked about the help he had received from Mr Trump he declined to comment except to say: ‘He’s not getting my green jacket, but now I’m back on the A-list I can probably get him some hot babes.’