Jaws have been dropping in royal circles everywhere this afternoon as the Duke of Sussex, after showing his new-born son off to the world’s press and media, has confirmed that the child’s name is to be Archie, but with additional second and third names of Wayne and Darren.

The pleased-as-punch prince told reporters: ‘Yah, for sure, both Meghan and I decided, in our roles as trendy young modern royals to ring a few changes. I just said to Megs, hey babe, lets forget all about all those stuffy old Charles, Philip, Henry and Edwins and go with a nod that will acknowledge and resonate with the great British public.’

‘At first the Duchess, wishing to channel her American heritage, wanted to call him Zeke or Cleetus but I stepped in to knock that on the head. So in the end we agreed that Wayne Darren it will be.’

It’s understood however that the news hasn’t played well with Her Majesty and it is being reported that she has summoned her grandson to Windsor Castle later today for a serious chat.

One courtier commenting off the record said: ‘The Queen is normally so serene and in over forty years as a lady-in-waiting I have never heard her say – no fucking way José… well at least not until today.’