Lenny Davis, an antique technology aficionado and compulsive hoarder from Telford, who has remained completely unimpressed by modern digital technology, is pleased to have suddenly found himself almost back at the cutting-edge when it comes to his music and movies.

Compact Cassettes came and went and Lenny was unimpressed, the video tape revolution similarly was another craze that passed him by, something he’s now immensely proud of, and as for the Internet and digital technology in general: ‘I couldn’t give a bugger, son,’ he chuckles.

‘I once very nearly embraced so-called “modern tech” back in the 80s and toyed with getting a Walkman but now I’m delighted that I never did, Len explains ‘because vinyl records are again being sold in ever-increasing numbers, as are turntables to play them on, so you see it can only be a matter of time before the wind-up gramophone is back in vogue.’

‘I don’t think too many will be laughing at my trusty old wind-up HMV horn gramophone and shellac discs then, do you? And when you consider DVD has already had its day then I know I’m onto a winner with my old film apparatus.’

Lenny’s wife, Jean, however does not share his enthusiasm. ‘I’ve told the silly old fool no matter what clapped-out technology modern consumers are duped into thinking is cool by clever marketing, there’s no way all eight series of Game of Thrones will ever be released for magic lantern.’