The BBC has been slammed over the application of editorial guidelines after it insisted it was forced to pull last night’s edition of satirical panel show, Have I got News For You, because programme makers Hat Trick had booked Heidi Allen as one of the panelists.

In a statement BBC Director of Embarrassing Gaffes, Tony Greaves said ‘To give air time to Ms Allen, the acting Leader of a new political party, Change UK, was deemed contrary to pre-European election rules, as it might have afforded her a platform to be the butt of, or indeed, perhaps make some amusing jokes during the run-up to the European Parliamentary elections to be held on May 23rd.’

However corporation executives were left red-faced as it was immediately pointed out that only the night before on its flagship political show, Question Time, the leader of another new political party, The Brexit Party, had been given a full hour to tell blatant lies and vent thinly-disguised hate-filled xenophobic and racist views courtesy of its leader, Nigel Farage.

Greaves continued ‘Ah well, yes you see, Mr Farage‘s appearance was a completely different matter altogether. We can absolutely justify it one hundred percent because no-one at the corporation knew then that within just twenty-four hours some smart-arse was going to point out these damn blasted European pre-election rules.’

‘So anyway, now we’ve cleared that all up then I’m sure you’ll agree there really were no similarities whatsoever between the two appearances. Consequently we can be seen as being in no way guilty of employing double standards here. In no way whatsoever.’