Following hard on the heels of an online petition by disgruntled fans demanding a complete rewrite and remake of season eight of Game of Thrones, comes a similar call for every one of the final series of popular sitcom Last of the Summer Wine to be completely rewritten.

The man who started the petition, unemployed stoat fettler Obidiah Scabthorpe from Holmfirth said: ‘Bah goom like. Game of Thrones last season were a reet joke. Unbelievable plots and characters completely changing everything they had previously stood for. Nowt made sense at all.’

‘And’t were same wi’ Last of’t Summer Wine. After’t first two series the last 63 had same chuffin’ stories week in week out, wi’ all bloody characters changin almost daily.’

‘Every piggin’ episode had someone in’t buggerin’ bathtub on wheels careering out of control down’t steep hill.  It were a complete travesty!’

However a spokesman for the BBC commented: ‘Summer Wine was a much-loved show and to suggest that we remake it is simply neither viable or realistic.’

Meanwhile Mr Scabthopre remains undeterred. ‘Look, ‘appen we’ve got two signatures on’t petition already, that’s mine and’t wife’s. This thing’s going to snowball. Trust me lad. Oh aye!’