A war of words has broken out between Sir Cliff Richard, and a girl he met briefly back in the 1980s.

Because in an interview the one-time Peter Pan of Pop insisted that he was never “wired for sound” and when he said he was he was simply living a sham to ensure the lyrics of the song made some kind of sense.

‘Hey, let me make this clear, I was never wired for sound you know,’ he told veteran music journalist Charles Shaar Murray, ‘and I certainly never used to walk around with a head full of music. I mean that’s impossible. Where would my brain have gone? Pure nonsense.’

‘Furthermore as a small boy, I loved my toys and played with them from dawn to dusk. The suggestion that I didn’t like them and that I couldn’t wait to get wired for sound is risible.’

However the girl has disputed Sir Cliff’s version of events. She said: ‘He certainly was wired for sound and was always banging on about liking tall speakers and small speakers.’

‘Even when I told him that “I wasn’t a girl you put on at a standby” whatever that means, he would say “if you love me then love means you must like what I like. My music is dynamite… woh oh woh…’

‘Looking back now it was a bit concerning because he was really quite evangelistic about it to be honest.”