Following the opening gig of the reformed Spice Girls tour in Dublin, where the sound has been described as ‘woeful’ and ‘absolutely appalling’, its understood that acoustic engineers have rectified the problem and that for all subsequent shows the PA will be ‘crystal clear’ and audiences will actually be able to hear what’s going on on stage.

Charlene, a fan who traveled especially from Australia and paid £500 for a pair of tickets for the London show said: ‘I bought the tickets because I have more money than sense and I just wanted to be seen at what in reality is going to be a trendy media event rather than a music concert.’

‘So reports from the Dublin show on Friday came as a great relief. But now if they have actually fixed the sound I really don’t think I could endure a couple of hours of listening to the racket. So… look, come on, mate, I’ll take ten pounds for both my tickets if you like. Fair dinkum?’

Meanwhile the once high priestess of Girl Power, feisty Mel B, has hit back. ‘It’s true that there were problems with the PA in Dublin but that has been fixed. So the only thing that could possibly go wrong now would be if the tracks we’re miming to crash.’

as Spice Girls claim live sound problems have been fixed