President Trump has dismissed reports that Mexican boxer, Andy Ruiz Junior, has become World Heavyweight Boxing Champion and now holds the WBA, WBO, IBO, and IBF titles, as being nothing less than another example of the endless tide of fake news aimed at trying to undermine him and his administration.

Speaking on Fox where he was once again facing another mercilessly tough grilling having to account for just how fantastically he is performing as President, and how he is also now the world’s undisputed foremost statesman he said: ‘This Ruiz thing I’m hearing about is just another bunch of crap! It’s a scam! More fake news. And as I have pointed out for the past four years Mexicans are either drug dealers, criminals or rapists.’

‘They aren’t international sports people and they certainly never gave the world Tequila or Guacamole. So how could this guy ever be The Champ? Everyone knows Sly Stallone’s The Champ.’