Donald Trump has sensationally stormed out of Buckingham Palace following reports of a bitter row he’s allegedly had with The Queen.

It’s understood that in a flagrant disregard for royal protocol during lunch, Mr Trump broached a previously undeclared matter; specifically his plans to develop a golf course in the grounds of the palace to include demolition of the iconic building itself, replacing it with a new 5-Star hotel – The Trump Buckingham Regal London.

However a furious monarch refused even to discuss the matter, cutting Trump dead and telling him firmly and unequivocally: ‘Oh yeah? Over one’s dead body, chum!’

Speaking to reporters in his deeply concerning trademark megalomaniacal third person style Trump said: ‘Donald Trump is not happy after his plans to develop a high-class golfing facility at Buckingham Palace have been turned down by The Queen. She must be some kinda crazy stone-cold loser as this is a fantastic idea. Just so fantastic. Amazing idea!’

‘And as you are aware, Donald Trump does not take “no” for an answer. Just look at how he rode roughshod over those folks in Aberdeen Scot-Land. That was a great deal he did there eventually and he’s gonna do another great one right here in London. You know it, folks!’

Meanwhile there are unconfirmed reports suggesting that Prince Andrew Duke of York, has agreed to mediate between the parties. One source close to the Queen’s second son speaking off the record said: ‘The Duke is a keen golfer and I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of this project happening just yet.’

‘Perhaps he can broker a deal whereby Her Majesty will be able to live in one of the hotel’s fantastic suites and split all revenues from green fees 50/50 as an extra sweetener to the deal.’