Puffed-up windbag, Mark Farncois, has come out of his trench, crossed no man’s land and held out a temporary olive branch to the BBC, following what he’s describing as ‘its not too bad coverage of this week’s D Day Commemorations’.

‘I am calling a truce until Sunday,’ he told reporters ‘not because they have changed their tune and sacked all the Marxists and Trotskyites that their corporation is riven with. No, not at all. It’s just that battle-hardened campaign veterans like myself cannot help but acknowledge them devoting a little time at least to mark this very important occasion.’

Readers are probably aware that Mr Francois was previously a high-ranking TA Officer, and was commended for his many acts of bravery; among which were the August Bank Holiday in 2007 when he slept in a tent on Dartmoor all by himself, not to mention the time he was decorated for having singlehandedly captured a ten year-old Boy Scout who was posing as a neo-Nazi guerrilla commando.

A spokesman for the BBC commented: ‘Yeah, whatever.’