Diners at a trendy restaurant in London’s Liverpool Street looked on in utter disbelief as ‘a good vet’ got a piece of lamb back on its feet again’

The drama unfolded during a business dinner when Hedge Fund Investor, Myles de Vere, ordered Cannon of Lamb cooked medium rare. He told us: ‘When it came it was almost swimming in blood. I looked at my guest and said “blimey, a good vet could get that back on its feet again’ and with that all hell broke loose.’

‘There was a bit of a commotion behind me as some chairs were knocked over and suddenly this chap shouted ‘Stand back, I’m a vet!” He immediately shooed us away from our table and erected a makeshift screen around it using a few tablecloths.’

‘We heard some kind of activity going on for ten minutes or so, and then suddenly to everyone’s amazement, there was a bleating sound and to tumultuous applause the chap came out from behind the screen carrying a beautiful fluffy lamb.’

Restaurant Proprietor, Gino Ricci, told reporters. ‘It was amazing and certainly the publicity has done us no harm. But sadly I have had to ban the vet as the little lamb was so frightened that it shat all over my restaurant and ruined my expensive Sicilian tiling. Eh… what about the cute and cuddly lovely little lamb?… erm… he’s out the back in the chiller.’