Scourge of the Right-wing racists and xenophobic bigots, comedienne Jo Brand, has demanded Police open a full investigation after Nigel Farage said recently that he himself would ‘pick up a rifle if Brexit was thwarted’.

Speaking from a secret location where she has gone into hiding for fear of her life Brand said: ‘Nigel Farage was clearly aiming these incendiary comments at me and others like me, because it’s well known I would like nothing better than to see Brexit thwarted as I believe that the concept is a steaming pile of shite. I daren’t perform in public now until he’s safely behind bars in case I’m gunned down should he decide to murder me in cold blood.’

However spokesman for Mr Farage was quick to defend his comment. ‘What Nigel said was only a figure of speech and I can’t really believe that Ms. Brand felt in anyway threatened by this remark. It was obviously nothing more than a throwaway lighthearted off-the-cuff joke. Jo Brand is twisting his words and is clearly just out to make mischief at the expense of Nigel and our party.’