It has emerged via a confidential source, that Boris Johnson’s low-key performance thus far in the Tory Party Leadership race until today has been because he’s spent the last two weeks at a Swedish clinic, where he has been undergoing a crash course attempting to acquire a shred of integrity should he somehow end up as Prime Minister at the end of July.

Many commentators and party colleagues, who see him as nothing other than a serial opportunist who will continue to say anything or tell whatever lies may be necessary to further his own political ambitions, believe failure of the £5000 per day treatment will be the last throw of the dice in what even Johnson himself calls “Project Boris”.

Members of his close inner circle have admitted, off the record, that should he be unable to display even a scintilla of humility or show so much as an ounce of empathy for anyone but himself when he finally sticks his mop-topped head above the parapet, then his bid to ever become PM is finished, irrespective of his strong showing in today’s poll of Tory MPs.

Nevertheless there are unconfirmed rumours circulating that Johnson has already commissioned and paid for a life size bronze statue of himself, and should he achieve his ultimate goal and succeed Mrs May as PM, then one of his first actions will be to get the cost refunded from the public purse and have the statue erected in Parliament Square to replace the current one of Winston Churchill in time for Christmas.