Calls to curb the number of infomercials on Britain’s shopping channels are growing after, David Wilson from Hammersmith, has become the first person in the UK to have had the rare condition of Infomercial sickness diagnosed.

The illness had previously been thought to be totally confined to the Southern States of America among trailer park trash and Donald Trump supporters, but now Mr Wilson’s diagnosis has set alarm bells ringing this side of the pond.

Retail Analyst, Penny Woolmer, explains: ‘Infomercial sickness happens when people become obsessed with shopping channels and they are unable to resist calling up to buy what’s being offered. Victims in advanced stages of the disease’s grip have been known to buy useless items as diverse as a Joe Pasquale paper stapler or a framed portrait of Paul Ross, brother of the popular TV presenter Jonathan.

Speaking from the rare illnesses ward in Guy’s Hospital, Mr Wilson, who was declared bankrupt last week, told GMB: ‘I thought I had it under control at first but then it just sort of got out of hand. I knew I was in trouble when my missus left me and I realised that somehow I owned 34 different kinds vacuum cleaner, 14 exercise bike and 200 each of Elvis Presley and John Wayne limited edition commemorative display dinner plates.’