After a wave of outrage over the spending of £2.5 million of public funds Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Prince Harry, have set up a JustGiving page to fund further renovations, enhancements and improvements at Frogmore Cottage, their bijou 6-bedroomed mansion set within the grounds of Windsor Castle.

A source close to the multi-multi-millionaire couple said: ‘Oh yah, for sure. Like, once the proles got wind that Harry and Megs had already spaffed two and a half mil of the public purse, it all sort of kicked off. So now they’ve decided to ask for donations  instead.’

‘Their advisors told them all those Union Jack-wearing nutters who hang around the gates of Windsor and Buckingham Palace will be sure to dig deep if they’re promised donor sponsorship of a brick, say, for maybe £5000 a pop.’

It’s understood that in addition to the work already carried the young royals want to build a ‘Temple of Love’ to honour Meghan and there are also plans to have a full-size replica of Wimbledon’s Centre Court, complete with sliding roof, in the back garden.

Mrs Daphne Robbins, scarily dressed in a full Union Jack three-piece suit and bowler hat, peering through the railings of Buckingham Palace said: ‘I love Meghan and Harry, and although I’m not a rich woman, I have sold my house and will now live in the gutter happy in the knowledge that the money the sale has raised will buy the couple a diamond-encrusted solid gold shower head.’