Barrington and Clarissa Bush-Millington, a couple from The Cotswolds, have gone into the record books following their episode of Escape to the Country was broadcast during which they set a staggering new available budget record of £5.7 million pounds.

Programme presenter, Aled Jones, speaking to The Radio Times said: ‘You could’ve knocked me down with a feather when I heard just how much they had at their disposal. Although, to be fair, it was fantastic as it really let our house finders spread their wings and turn up some truly amazing homes for the episode.’

However Twitter soon went into meltdown during and after the broadcast with people feeling it was in bad taste to feature such a wealthy couple. @Tina_23’s tweet was a typical response: Yeah that’s right BBC. Just keep rubbing our faces in the dirt why don’t you? #ArrogantTossers.

And social media in general nearly blew a gasket when The Mystery House turned out to be a 52 bedroomed castle in Northumberland complete with a moat, keep, drawbridge and portcullis. Barrington also came in for some very harsh personal criticism when presenter, Jones, inadvertently revealed that he’d made his colossal fortune in the Adult Film Industry and that Clarissa had once been one of his starlets who performed under the screen name of Clarissa Cumming.

Thankfully it wasn’t all bad news for the couple did garner some sympathy during the show’s pointless interlude sandwiched between the three house-hunting segments, when they were seen losing a forty-five thousand pound bet on a horse at Hexham Races.

Meanwhile a spokesman for the programme makers robustly defended their choice of couple for the episode. ‘It is the job of our reality programming output to hold a lens up to all strata of society. And, yes of course the people we generally feature on the show are obnoxious, priggish and miles better off than the flotsam and jetsam of society who watch. That’s a given. But quite frankly viewers really need to just get over it, get off the Dole and start aspiring to make something of themselves instead of watching mindless junk TV in the middle of the afternoon.’