Septuagenarian super rockers The Rolling Stones have been slammed today, standing accused of being disingenuous and rather economical with the truth.

The charges stem from sentiments expressed in the lyrics of their iconic song, You can’t Always Get What You Want.

Professor of Green-eyed Envy at Oxford, Dr. Leo Temple-Hemmings, told reporters: ‘To sing that line over and over is nothing less than an arrogant slap in the face to all the fans who’ve put them there. It’s patently obvious that, quite on the contrary, the Stones can get whatever the hell they bloody well like… all the time!’

‘They live in the lap of luxury with every conceivable trapping of success imaginable, not to mention a stream of the world’s most glamorous women swooning at their feet.’

Meanwhile a spokesman for the band has hit back at the charge telling reporters: ‘You can’t always Get isn’t meant to be taken literally. For example, these days the band still wants to be taken seriously and be seen as a cutting-edge finger-on-the-pulse hard-hitting influencer, not only their music but also on the world political stage.’

‘They see it as their role to highlight the many wrongs and injustices around the globe. But hey… in the words of the song… like do you get what I’m saying here?’